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Historiker und Biographen[]


Mack Roberts, Katharin (1957-2014)

  • Changing Thegns: Cnut's Conquest and the English Aristocracy (1984)
  • Proceedings of the Battle conference (1986)


MacDonald, Audrey

MacDonald, Fiona


Mackay, Aeneas James George

  • (1888). "Duff (d.967)" . In Stephen, Leslie (ed.). Dictionary of National Biography


Maclean, Simon

  • (2013). "Britain, Ireland and Europe, c. 900–c. 1100" in Stafford, Pauline (ed.). A Companion to the Early Middle Ages: Britain and Ireland c. 500-c. 1100


Maddicott, John - englischer Historiker und Autor.


Mahoney, Mike


Malcor, Linda A.

  • mit Littleton, C. Scott; From Scythia to Camelot: A Radical Reassessment of the Legends of King Arthur, the Knights of the Round Table and the Holy Grail, 2000
  • mit Trinchese, Antonio; Faggiani, Alessandro, "Missing Pieces: A New Reading of the Main Lucius Artorius Castus Inscription", Journal of Indo-European Studies


Major, Albany Featherstonehaugh (1858-1925)


Malam, John

  • (2012). Yorkshire, A Very Peculiar History


Mancoff, Debra N.


Marafioti, Nicole - Geschichtsprofessorin für Mittelalterliches Europa am Trinity College

  • Bücher
    • The King's Body: Burial and Succession in Late Anglo-Saxon England. (2014).
    • Capital and Corporal Punishment in Anglo-Saxon England. (2014).
  • Artikel
    • "Secular and Ecclesiastical Justice in Late Anglo-Saxon England." Speculum 94.3 (2019)
    • "Seeking Alfred's Body: Royal Tomb as Political Object in the Reign of Edward the Elder." Early Medieval Europe (2015)
    • "Hagiography and History in the Icelandic Saga of Edward the Confessor." Viator: Medieval and Renaissance Studies (2015)
    • "Punishing Bodies and Saving Souls: Capital and Corporal Punishment in Anglo-Saxon England." The Haskins Society Journal (2008)


Margeson, Susan M.


Marren, Peter


Marsden, John/James


Marshall, Rosalind K.

  • (2019), Scottish Queens 1034 - 1714

Martin, G. H.

  • mit Williams, Ann, eds. (2003), Domesday Book: A Complete Translation


Marvin, Julia

  • (2006). Brut


Mason, Emma

  • King Rufus: The Life & Murder of William II of England (2008)
  • House of Godwine: The History of Dynasty (2004)
  • Westminster Abbey and its people, c.1050-c.1216
  • Anglo-Norman Studies
    • Vol. 2 (1979) "Magnates, Curiales and the Wheel of Fortune"
    • Vol. 8 (1985) "Change and Continuity in 11c Mercia: St Wulfstan"
    • Vol. 21 (1998) "William Rufus and the Benedictine Order"
    • Vol. 31 (2009) "Brothers at Court: Urse de Abetot and Robert Dispenser"
  • (2004) Oxford Dictionary of National Biography
    • "Æthelnoth (d. 1038), Archbishop of Canterbury"
    • "Athelm (d. 926)"
    • "Ælfric (d. 1005)"
    • "Lyfing (d. 1020)"


Matarasso, Pauline Maud

  • (1979). The Redemption of Chivalry: A Study of the Queste Del Saint Graal


Matthews, John

  • "An Interview with David Franzoni", in Arthuriana, 2004

Matthews, Keith J.

Matthews, Rupert

  • England versus Scotland


Mattingly, David - Archäologe, Historiker, Hauptgebiet Römische Welt

  • Imperialism, Power and Identity: Experiencing the Roman Empire. (2010).
  • The Cambridge Dictionary of Classical Civilization (2006)
  • An Imperial Posession: Britain in the Roman Empire, 2006
  • Economies beyond Agriculture in the Classical World (2001)


Maund, Kari L. - spezialisiert auf frühmittelalterliche britische und skandinavische Geschichte

  • Bücher
    • Ireland, Wales and England in the Eleventh Century (1991).
    • Handlist of the Acts of Native Welsh Rulers 1132-1283, (1996).
    • Gruffudd ap Cynan: A Collaborative Biography, (ed.) (1996).
    • The Welsh Kings: the Medieval Rulers of Wales (2000)
    • The Four Musketeers: the true story of d’Artagnan, Porthos, Aramis and Athos (2005)
    • The Welsh Kings: Warriors, Warlords and Princes (2006)
    • Princess Nest of Wales: seductress of the English (2007)
  • Artikel
    • ‘Cynan ab Iago and the Killing of Gruffudd ap Llywelyn’, Cambridge Medieval Celtic Studies (1985)
    • ‘Trahaearn ap Caradog: Legitimate Usurper?’, Welsh History Review, (1986/7)
    • ‘The Welsh Alliances of Earl Aelfgar of Mercia and his Family in the Mid-Eleventh Century’, Anglo-Norman Studies, Vol. 11 (1988)
    • ‘Female Lay Patronage of Monasteries in Eleventh-Century West Mercia’, in Reformed Englishwomen
    • ‘Gruffudd, Grandson of Iago: Historia Grufud vab Kenan and the Construction of Legitimacy’, in Gruffudd ap Cynan: A Collaborative Biography , (1996)
    • ‘Sources of the “World Chronicle” in the Cottonian Annals’, Peritia, (1998)
    • ‘Owain ap Cadwgan: A Rebel Reviewed’, Haskins Society Journal, (1999)
    • The New Dictionary of National Biography
      • ‘Bishop Bleddri of Llandaff’
      • ‘Bishop Herewald of Llandaff’
      • ‘Ealdgyth of Mercia’
      • ‘Bernard of Neufmarché’
    • An Illustrated History of Wales, (2001)
      • ‘Early Medieval Wales 410-1064’
      • ‘Early Medieval Wales c. 450 –1066’
    • Studia Celtica
      • ‘Fact and Narrative Fiction in the Llandaff Charters’, (1997)
      • ‘Dynastic Segmentation and Gwynedd’, (1998)


Mawer, Allen


Mayr-Harting, Henry Maria Robert Egmont (*1936) - britischer Historiker für mittelalterliche Kirchengeschichte

  • The Bishops of Chichester and the Administration of Their Diocese, 1075–1207: with a Collection of Acta (1961)
  • The Bishops of Chichester, 1075–1207: Biographical Notes and Problems (1963)
  • Diocesis Cicestrensis: The Acta of the Bishops of Chichester, 1075–1207 (1964)
  • The Coming of Christianity to Anglo-Saxon England (1972)
  • The Venerable Bede, the Rule of St Benedict, and Social Class (1976)
  • Saint Wilfrid (1986)
  • Two conversions to Christianity: the Bulgarians and the Anglo-Saxons (1993)
  • 'Charlemagne, the Saxons, and the Imperial Coronation of 800', English Historical Review 111:444 (November 1996)
  • Religion, Politics and Society in Britain 1066–1272 (2011)
  • (2004). "Ecgberht (d. 766)" Oxford Dictionary of National Biography


Maxwell, I. S.

  • mit Darby, H. C. (1977). The Domesday Geography of Northern England


McDermott, William C. - Historiker

  • Monks, Bishops, and Pagans: Christian Culture in Gaul and Italy, 500-700 (1949)
  • "Stemmata quid faciunt? The Descendants of Frontinus", Ancient Society


McDonald, R. Andrew - Professor, spezialisiert auf die mittelalterliche Geschichte der Britischen Inseln, besonders Schottland und die Isle of Man sowie die späten nordischen Seeimperien

  • The Sea Kings: The Late Norse Kingdoms of Man and the Isles c.1066-1275 (2019)
  • Manx Kingship in its Irish Sea Setting, 1187-1229 (2007)
  • Outlaws of Medieval Scotland: Challenges to the Canmore Kings, 1058 to 1266 (2003)
  • The Kingdom of the Isles: Scotland’s Western Seaboard c.1100-c.1336 (1997)
  • The Viking Age: A Reader mit Angus A. Somerville (2010)
  • The Vikings and their Age mit Angus A. Somerville (2013)
  • Alba: Celtic Scotland in the Middle Ages mit Edward J. Cowan (2000)


McGuigan, Neil - Professor für mittelalterliche Geschichte an der Universität St. Andrews

  • Bücher
    • Máel Coluim III / 'Canmore': The World and Legacy of an Eleventh-Century King
    • The Battle of Carham: A Thousand Years On
    • (2015) Neither Scotland nor England: Middle Britain, c.850–1150
      • "4.1.3 'Northumbrian Earldom Foundation Legend'"
  • Artikel
  • Buch-Reviews
    • Conceiving a Nation: Scotland to AD 900 by Gilbert Márkus
    • The Kings of Alba, by Alasdair Ross
    • The Battle of Brunanburh: A Casebook, ed. Michael Livingston
    • The Northern Earldoms: Orkney and Caithness from AD 870 to 1470, by Barbara Crawford
    • Kings, Mormaers, Rebels: Early Scotland’s Other Royal Family, by John Marsden
    • The Faded Map: The Story of the Lost Kingdoms of Scotland, by Alistair Moffat


McGurk, P.


McKinney, Windy A.

  • Creating a gens Anglorum: Social and Ethnic Identity in Anglo-Saxon England through the Lens of Bede's Historia Ecclesiastica


McQuarrie, Alan - Professor an der Universität von Glasgow

  • Medieval Scotland: Crown, Lordship and Community (1993)


McTurk, R. W.

  • (1976). "Ragnarr Loðbrók in the Irish Annals?". In Almqvist, B.; Greene, D. (eds.). Proceedings of the Seventh Viking Congress: Dublin 15–21 August

McTurk, Rory

  • Kings and kingship in Viking Northumbria


Mediavilla, Cindy

  • (1999). Arthurian Fiction: An Annotated Bibliography


Merkle, Benjamin

  • (2009). The White Horse King: The Life of Alfred the Great


Metcalf, David M.

  • mit Blackburn, M. A. S.: Viking-Age Coinage in the Northern Lands. The Sixth Oxford Symposium on Coinage and Monetary History (1981)


Miller, Molly

  • (1980), "Hiberni Reversuri" (PDF), Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland

Miller, Sean


Mills, Jon - Sprachforscher an der Universität von Kent

  • Genocide and Ethnocide: The Suppression of the Cornish Language (2010)


Moffat, Alistair - Schrifsteller und Journalist, früher Rector der Universität von St. Andrews

  • Scotland – A History From Earliest Times (2018)
  • Before Scotland: The Story of Scotland Before History
  • (1985), Kelsae: A History of Kelso from Earliest Times

Moffat, J. M.


Molyneaux, George

  • (2015). The Formation of the English Kingdom in the Tenth Century


Mommsen, Christian Matthias Theodor (1817-1903) - deutscher Historiker. Einer der bedeutendsten Altertumswissenschaftler des 19. Jh. Spezialisiert auf römische Geschichte

  • mit Demandt, Barbara; Demandt, Alexander, A history of Rome under the emperors, 1999

Mommsen, Wolfgang Justin - deutscher Historiker (1930-2004)


Moncreiffe of that Ilk, Iain - schottischer Stammbaumforscher (1919-1985)

  • The Highland Clans (1967)
  • Simple Heraldry, Cheerfully Illustrated (1953)
  • Simple Custom (1954)
  • Blood Royal (1956)


Moore, David

Moore, R. I.


Morgan, Kenneth Owen (*1943) - walisischer Historiker, spezialisiert auf moderne britische Geschichte und walisische Geschichte

  • David Lloyd George, Welsh Radical as World Statesman (1963)
  • Wales in British Politics, 1868-1922 (1963, rev ed 1992)
  • The Age of Lloyd George (1971)
  • Lloyd George (1974)
  • Rebirth of a Nation: Wales 1880-1980 (1981)
  • Welsh Society and Nationhood (1984)
  • The Oxford Illustrated History of Britain (1984)
  • The Oxford History of Britain (1987)
  • The Red Dragon and the Red Flag (1989)
  • Britain and Europe (1995)
  • The People's Peace: Britain since 1945 (1989)
  • Modern Wales, Politics, Places and People (1995)
  • The Young Oxford of Britain and Ireland (1996)
  • The Great Reform Act of 1832 (2001)
  • Revolution to Devolution: Reflections on Welsh Democracy (2014)

Morgan, Phillip

  • (2000). "3. The Naming of the Battlefields in the Middle Ages". In Dunn, Diana (ed.). War and Society in Medieval and Early Modern Britain

Morgan, Richard Williams - walisischer Priester und Autor

  • 1856, North Wales or Venedotia
  • 1857, The British Kymry or Britons of Cambria

Morgan, Richard

  • 'Thesseweit', Montgomeryshire Collections


Morganwg, Iolo - Edward Williams (1747-1826), walisischer Antiquar, Poet, Literaturfälscher. Wurde zu seinen Lebzeiten als Experte für mittelalterliche walisische Literatur angesehen, doch es stellte sich heraus, dass er viele seiner Manuskripte gefälscht hatte.


Morris, John Robert - englischer Historiker (1913 bis 1977), spezialisiert auf das Römische Imperium und das Sub-römische Britannien.

  • The Age of Arthur (1973)
  • Londinium: London in the Roman Empire (1982)

Morris, Rosemary

  • The Character of King Arthur in Medieval Literature

Morris, Steven

Morris-Jones, Sir John - (1864-1929) Walisischer Gelehrter und Poet der walisischen Sprache

  • "Taliesin" in Y Cymmrodor


Mortimer, Richard

  • ed. (2009). Edward the Confessor: the man and the legend


Mostert, Marco

  • (1987). The political theology of Abbo of Fleury: A study of the ideas about society and law of the tenth-century monastic reform movement


Munch, Peter Andreas

  • (10 September 2010). Olsen, Magnus (ed.). Norse Mythology: Legends Of Gods And Heroes
  • (1852), Det norske Folks Historie
  • (1926). Norse Mythology: Ragnar Lodbrok and His Sons


Murphy, D.

  • ed. (1896). The Annals of Clonmacnoise


Murray, William Hutchison (1913-1996) - Schottischer Bersteiger und Autor

  • Undiscovered Scotland: Climbs on Rock, Snow, and Ice (1951)
  • Hebrides (1966)
  • Companion Guide to the Western Highlands of Scotland (1968)
  • The Islands of Western Scotland (1973)
  • The Scottish Highlands (1976)
  • Beautiful Scotland (1976)
  • Rob Roy MacGregor – His Life and Times (1982)
  • Scotland's Mountains (1987)


Mynors, R. A. B.


Myres, John Nowell Linton - 1902-1989, Britischer Archäologe und Führender Bibliothekar in der Bodleian Library in Oxford 1948-1956

Mittelalter und Antike[]

Map, Walter - englischer Schriftsteller walisischer Herkunft (1140-1208/10)

Marianus Scotus (1028-1082) - irischer Chronist

  • Clear Chronicle (Cronica Clara) - Eine Geschichte der Welt von der Erschaffung bis 1082.

Matthew Paris (1200-1259) - britischer Mönch, bedeutendster Chronist des 13. Jahrhunderts

  • Chronica Maiora
  • Liber Additamentorum
  • Historia Anglorum
  • Gesta Abbatum
  • Vitae duorum Offarum
  • Abbrevatio Chronicorum Angliae


Manfredi, Valerio Massimo

  • Die Letzte Legion

Mantel, Hilary

  • Thomas Cromwell-Reihe
    • Wölfe (2010)
    • Falken (2012)
    • Spiegel und Licht (2020)
  • Die Ermordung Margaret Thatchers (2014)

Marillier, Juliet

  • Sevenwaters-Serie
    • Die Tochter der Wälder, 2000
    • Der Sohn der Schatten, 2004
    • Das Kind der Stürme, 2003
    • Die Erben von Sevenwaters, 2011
    • Seer of Sevenwaters, 2010
    • Flame of Sevenwaters, 2012
  • Unter dem Nordstern (Thema: Pikten und Bridei I)
    • Die Königskinder, 2005
    • Die Herrscher von Fortriu, 2006
    • The Well of Shades, 2006 (nur auf englisch erhältlich)
  • Die hellen Inseln (Thema: Orkney)
    • Die Priesterin der Insel, 2003
    • Die Wolkeninsel, 2006

McMillian, J. Colman

  • The Interim King

Moore, Alan

  • Voice of the Fire

Mowat, Farley

  • The Farfarers: Before the Norse