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Historiker und Biographen[]


Cairney, Christopher

  • (2018). "Other Dragons or Dragon Others? A Cultural View of the Loch Ness Monster"


Cambridge, E.


Camden, William - englischer Antiquar, Historiker, Topograph und Wappenkundler.

  • Britannia (1586)
  • Reges, Reginae, Nobiles et alii in ecclesia collegati. (1600.)
  • Annales Rerum Gestarum Angliae et Hiberniae Regnate Elizabetha. (1615)


Campbell, Alistair (1907-1974) - britischer Professor für Angelsächsische Geschichte an der Universität Oxford

  • ed. Gedicht "Battle of Brunanburh"
  • ed. (1962). The Chronicle of Æthelweard
  • ed. Aethelwulf (Poet, 9. Jh.) - De abbatibus
  • Old English Grammar (1959)
  • (1942) "Two Notes on the Norse Kingdoms in Northumbria." English Historical Review

Campbell, Ewan - schottischer Archäologe und Autor. Hauptgebiet Dal Riata.

  • Saints and Sea-Kings: The First Kingdom of the Scots (1999)
  • Excavations at Dunadd: An Early Dalriadic Capital (2000)
  • A Crannog of the First Millennium AD: Excavations by Jack Scott at Loch Glashan, Argyll, 1960 (2005)
  • Continental and Mediterranean Imports to Atlantic Britain and Ireland, AD 400-800 (2007)

Campbell, James (1935-2016) - britischer Historiker, spezialisiert auf die Angelsachsen

Campbell, Miles W.

  • (January 1971). "A Pre-Conquest Norman Occupation of England". Speculum


Cannon, John Ashton (1926-2012) - britisher Historiker, spezialisiert auf die britische Politik des 18. Jh.

  • Parliamentary Reform, 1640-1832 (1973)
  • The Whig Ascendancy. Colloquies on Hanoverian Britain (editor, 1981)
  • Aristocratic Century. The Peerage of Eighteenth-Century England (1984)
  • The Oxford Companion to British History (Editor, 1997, 2002, 2009, 2015)
  • The Oxford Illustrated History of the British Monarchy (mit Griffiths, Ralph 1988)
  • A Dictionary of British History (Editor, 2004)
  • mit Hargreaves, Anne: The Kings and Queens of Britain (2004).
  • (1937) "Battle of Alnwick" und "Sussex" in A Dictionary of British History


Carman, J. Neale

  • (1973). A Study of the Pseudo-Map Cycle of Arthurian Romance


Carpenter, David A.


Carr, A. D.

Carr, Michael

  • "Alfred the Great Strikes Back" in Military History Journal, Juni 2001


Carver, Martin Oswald Hugh (*1941) - Professor für Archäologie an der University of York, spezialisiert auf frühmittelalterliche europäische Archäologie. Direktor des Sutton Hoo Research Project.

  • Sutton Hoo: Burial Ground of Kings?
  • Sutton Hoo: A Seventh-Century Princely Burial Ground and Its Context 
  • The Age of Sutton Hoo 
  • Archaeological Value and Evaluation
  • The Cross Goes North: Processes of Conversion in Northern Europe, AD 300-1300 (2003)
  • The Birth of a Borough (2010)
  • Portmahomack Monastery of the Picts (2016)
  • Archaeological Investigation (2009)
  • The Sutton Hoo Story (2018)
  • Formative Britain. An Archaeology of Britain, fifth to eleventh century (2019)


Casey, John

  • mit Jones, Michael E.: The Gallic Chronicle Restored: a Chronology for die Anglo-Saxon Invasions and the End of Roman Britain


Cavendish, Richard


Cawley, Charles

  • Medieval Lands Project: Denmark, Kings


Chadwick, Hector Munro (1870-1947) - englischer Historiker und Professor für Angelsachsen an der Universität von Cambridge

  • Studies in Anglo-Saxon Institutions (1905)
  • The Origin of the English Nation (1907)
  • The Heroic Age (1912)
  • The Study of Anglo-Saxon
  • Early Scotland. The Picts the Scots & the Welsh of Southern Scotland (1949)
  • "Theodore, the English Church and the Monothelete Controversy" in Lapidge, Michael - Archbishop Theodore

Chadwick, Nora K.

  • (1963) (ed.), Celt and Saxon: Studies in the Early British Border


Chalmers, George

  • Caledonia: or a historical and topographical account of North Britain


Chaplais, Pierre

  • (1985). "The Royal Anglo-Saxon 'Chancery' of the Tenth Century Revisited". In Mayr-Harting, Henry; Moore, R. I. (eds.). Studies in Medieval History Presented to R. H. C. Davis


Charles-Edwards, Thomas Mowbray - Ehrenprofessor der Oxfors-Universität. Hauptfeld: Geschichte und Sprache von Wales und Irland

  • The Date of the Four Branches of the Mabinogi (1971)
  • Honour and Status in some Irish and Welsh Prose Tales (1978)
  • The Authenticity of the Gododdin: An Historian's View (1978)
  • The Welsh Laws (1989)
  • Early Irish and Welsh Kinship (1993)
  • The Welsh King and His Court (2002)
  • Wales and the Britons 350–1064 (2012)
  • After-Rome: Nations and Kingdoms
  • After Rome: Conversion to Christianity
  • "Alliances, Godfathers, Treaties and Boundaries" in Kings, Currency and Alliances


Chase, Carol J.

  • mit Lacy, Norris J.(2010). The History of the Holy Grail: The Old French Arthurian Vulgate and Post-Vulgate in Translation


Chevalier, C. T.

  • "The Frankish origin of the Hastings tribe" in Sussex Archaeological Collections (1966)


Chibnall, Marjorie (1914-2012) - englische Historikerin, spezialisiert auf das normannische England und Ordericus Vitalis

  • The Ecclesiastical History of Orderic Vitalis. (1968–1980, Herausgeberin und Übersetzerin)
  • The World of Orderic Vitalis. (1984)
  • Anglo-Norman England 1066–1166 (1986)
  • Empress Matilda. Queen Consort, Queen Mother and Lady of the English (1991)
  • The Debate on the Norman Conquest (1999)
  • The Normans (2000)
  • Anglo-Norman Studies: Proceedings of the Battle Conference
    • Vol. 1 (1978) ed. und "Feudal Society in Orderic Vitalis"
    • Vol. 5 (1982) "Military Service before 1066"
    • Vol. 10 (1987)
    • Vol. 12 (1989), bis Vol. 16 (1994) ed.
    • Vol. 20 (1997) "Clio's Legal Cosmetics': Law and Custom in the Work of Medieval Historians"


Chisholm, Hugh

  • (1911) (ed.). Encyclopædia Britannica
    • "Angus, Earls of"
    • "Leofric"
    • "Bradford-on-Avon"


Ciletti, Elena


Clanchy, C. T.

  • (1993). From Memory to Written Record: England 1066–1307

Clanchy, Michael Thomas

  • From Memory to Written Record. England 1066–1307, (1979)
  • England and its Rulers 1066–1272, (1983)
  • Foreign Lordship and National Identity, (1983)
  • Abaelard. Ein mittelalterliches Leben, (1997)


Clark, John


Clarke, Peter A.

  • (1994), The English Nobility under Edward the Confessor

Clarke, Rainbird

  • East Anglia


Clarkson, Tim

  • Æthelflæd: the Lady of the Mercians
  • Scotland's Merlin: a Medieval Legend and its Dark Age Origins
  • (2014) Strathclyde and the Anglo-Saxons in the Viking Age
  • Columba
  • (2012) The Makers of Scotland: Picts, Romans, Gaels and Vikings
  • The Picts: A History
  • The Men of the North: the Britons of Southern Scotland
  • Artikel
    • (2013). "The Last King of Strathclyde". History Scotland
    • "Stilicho, Claudian and the Picts"
    • "Locating Maserfelth" in The Heroic Age, 2006
    • "Local Folklore and the Battle of Arthuret"
    • "Richmond and Catraeth"
    • "Britons and Anglo-Saxons in the Tweed Valley (AD 400 to 700)"
    • "From Merlin and the Britons to the coming of the Norsemen"
    • "Merlin in Scotland and Govan"
    • "Strathclyde and the Anglo-Saxons" in The Viking Age, 2014


Coates, Richard (*1949) - englischer Sprachforscher


Coles, Anne


Colgrave, Bertram (1889-1968) - irischer Historiker, Antiquar und Archäologe, spezialisiert auf die frühen Heiligen des Angelsächsischen England

  • (1985) Two Lives of St. Cuthbert
  • (1985) The Life of Bishop Wilfrid by Eddius Stephanus
  • (1985) Felix's Life of Saint Guthlac
  • (1985) The Earliest Life of Gregory the Great
  • (1992) Bede's ecclesiastical history of the English people


Collingwood, W. G.

  • (1897-1900) "King Eirík of York." Saga-book of Viking Club Society for Northern Research


Collins, Roger

  • Early Medieval Europe 300–1000. 1991


Cook, A. S.

  • ed. (1906). Asser's Life of King Alfred


Cooper, Janet

  • mit Baggs, A. P.; Board, Beryl; Crummy, Philip A History of the County of Essex
  • (1970). The Last Four Anglo-Saxon Archbishops of York
  • (2004). "Cynesige (d. 1060)" Oxford Dictionary of National Biography

Cooper, Tracy-Anne

  • (2015). Monk-Bishops and the English Benedictine Reform Movement
  • Anglo-Norman Studies, Vol. 28 (2005) "The Pragmatic Handbook of an Eleventh-Century Archbishop: Cotton Tiberius A. iii"


Coredon, Christopher

  • (2007). A Dictionary of Medieval Terms & Phrases


Cormack, Margaret

  • (2001) "Egils saga, Heimskringla, and the Daughter of Eiríkr blóðøx." alvissmál


Costambeys, Marios - britischer Historiker, spezialisiert auf mittelalterliche Geschichte Europas, besonders Karolingisches Imperium und Zeit Karls des Großen

  • (2011). The Carolingian world
  • Power and Patronage in Early Medieval Italy: Local Society, Italian Politics and the Abbey of Farfa, C.700 900
  • Documentary Culture and the Laity in the Early Middle Ages
  • The Medieval World
  • (2004) Oxford Dictionary of National Biography
    • "Æthelflæd [Ethelfleda] (d. 918), ruler of the Mercians"
    • "Aethelred (d.911), ruler of the Mercians"
    • mit Harrison, B.
      • "Ragnall Guthfrithson (fl. 943–944)"
      • "Erik Bloodaxe (Eiríkr Blóðöx, Eiríkr Haraldsson) (d. 954), viking leader and king of Northumbria"
    • "Guthrum"
    • "Jænberht (d. 792)"
    • "Hálfdan (d. 877)"


Cowan, E. J.


Cowdrey, H. E. J.

  • (2004) Oxford Dictionary of National Biography
  • Anglo-Norman Studies, Vol. 10 (1987) "?"


Coyler, Christina


Craig, G.


Creed, Robert P.

  • mit Bessinger, Jess B. (eds.). Franciplegius: Medieval and Linguistic Studies in Honor of Francis Peabody Magoun Jr


Creighton, Dr. John - Archäologe und Historiker für die späte Eisenzeit und die Römische Frühgeschichte in Nordwesteuropa

  • Roman Germany: Studies in Cultural Interaction (1999)
  • Coins & Power in Late Iron Age Britain (2000)
  • Celti: the archaeology of a Hispano-Roman Town in Baetica (2001)
  • Britannia: the creation of a Roman Province (2005)
  • Silchester: changing visions of a Roman Town (2016)


Crick, Julia


Cross, Morag

  • mit Foster, Sally: (2005, eds.) Able Minds and Practised Hands: Scotland's Early Medieval Sculpture in the Twenty-First Century


Crouch, David

  • (2007). The Normans: The History of a Dynasty
  • (1982). Normandy Before 1066


Crummy, Philip


Cubitt, Catherine


Cunliffe, Barry - britischer Archäologe. Unter anderem für die Ausgrabung des Römischen Palastes in Fishbourne verantwortlich.

  • Excavations at Fishbourne. 1961–1969 (1971)
  • Fishbourne. Rom in Britannien. (1971)
  • Iron Age Communidties in Britain, 1971
  • Die Kelten und ihre Geschichte. (1980)
  • Wessex to AD 1000. (1993)

Mittelalter und Antike[]

Caradoc of Llancarfan (12. Jh.) - ein walisischer Kleriker und Autor

Cassius Dio - Römischer Staatsmann und Historiker griechischen Ursprungs, lebte 155 bis 235



Chadwick, Elizabeth

  • Ravenstow-Serie (zur Zeit von und mit Wilhelm I der Eroberer)
    • Die wilde Jagd (1991)
    • Die Füchsin (1992)
    • Die Leopardin (1993)
  • Die normannische Braut (2004) - Wilhelm I, Waltheof, Earl of Northumbria, Judith von Lens, Simon I de Senlis, Maud, Countess of Huntingdon
  • Die Erbin der Festung (2006) - 1148 in Ludlow, England
  • Die Braut des Ritters (2006) - Heinrich I und Johann Ohneland
  • Die Rose von Windsor (2011) - Heinrich II
  • Die Hüterin der Krone (2013) - Matilda die Kaiserin und Stephen von England
  • Der erste Ritter (1995) - Artus, Guinivere, Lancelot (gleichnamiger Film)
  • The Conquest (1996) - Wilhelm I der Eroberer und die Normannische Eroberung von England
  • The Love Knot (1998) - Matilda die Kaiserin und Stephen von England
  • The Marsh King’s Daughter (1999) - zur Zeit des Kriegs der Barone
  • William Marshal
    • Der Ritter der Königin (2008)
    • Der scharlachrote Löwe (2009)
    • Das Banner der Königin
    • Die englische Rebellin (2012)
    • Die irische Prinzessin
    • Der letzte Auftrag des Ritters (2018)
  • Eleonore von Aquitanien
    • Das Lied der Königin (2014)
    • Das Herz der Königin (2016)
    • Das Vermächtnis der Königin (2017)


Cornwell, Bernard

Courtney, Johanna

  • Das purpurne Herz

Crossley-Holland, Kevin

  • (1969) The Eye of the Hurricane


Church, Alfred John (1829-1912)