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Historiker und Biographen[]


Bacharach, B.

  • mit Abels, Richard The Normans and their Adversaries: Essays in Memory of C. Warren Hollister. 2001


Bachrach, Bernard Stanley - (*1939) amerikanischer Militärhistoriker, Experte für die Militärgeschichte der Merowinger und Karolinger

  • Merovingian Military Organization, 481-751, 1972
  • Early Carolingian Warfare: Prelude to Empire, 2001
  • A History of the Alans in the West: From Their First Appearance in the Sources of Classical Antiquity Through the Early Middle Ages, 1973
  • Armies and Politics in the Early Medieval West, 1993
  • Warfare and Military Organization in Pre-Crusade Europe, 2002
  • The Medieval Church: Success or Failure?, 1971
  • Early Medieval Jewish Policy in Western Europe, 1977
  • Jews in Barbarian Europe, 1977


Bäck, Hilding

  • (1934). The Synonyms for "Child", "Boy", Girl" in Old English, Lund Studies in English


Baggs, A. P.


Bailey, Maggie


Baker, Mick


Bannerman, John (1932-2008) - schottischer Historiker, spezialisiert auf das gälische Schottland

  • Studies in the History of Dalriada (1974)
  • Late Medieval Monumental Sculpture in the West Highland (1977)
  • The Scottish Takeover of Pictland
  • "MacDuff of Fife," in Medieval Scotland: Crown, Lordship and Community, Essays Presented to G. W. S. Barrow, (1993)


Barber, Richard

  • (2003). "Chivalry, Cistercianism and the Grail". A Companion to the Lancelot-Grail Cycle
  • The Figure of Arthur, 1972


Baring-Gould, Sabine

  • The Lives of the Saints


Barker, E.

  • Sussex Anglo-Saxon Charters


Barlow, Frank - Historiker (1911-2009)

  • The Feudal Kingdom of England (1955)
  • The Life of King Edward Who Rests at Westminster (1962)
  • Edward the Confessor (1970)
  • The English Church 1000–1066: A History of the Later Anglo-Saxon Church (1979)
  • The English Church 1066–1154 (1979)
  • The Norman Conquest and Beyond (1983)
  • William Rufus (1983)
  • Thomas Becket (1986)
  • The Godwins: The Rise and Fall of a Noble Dynasty (2002)

Barlow, Lundie W.

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Barrell, Andrew D. M.

  • Medieval Scotland (2000)


Barrett, Dr. James H.

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  • 2012 'Viking Age and medieval Orkney', in Being an Islander: Production and Identity at Quoygrew, Orkney, AD 900–1600
  • 2010 'Rounding up the usual suspects: Causation and the Viking Age diaspora', in The Global Origins and Development of Seafaring
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  • 2003 'Culture contact in Viking Age Scotland', in Contact, Continuity and Collapse: The Norse colonization of the North Atlantic
  • 2003 'Christian and pagan practice during the conversion of Viking Age Orkney and Shetland'
  • 2000 'What was the Viking Age and when did it happen? A view from Orkney', Norwegian Archaeological Review 33


Barrow, Geoffrey Wallis Steuart (1924-2013) - schottischer Historiker

  • Bücher
    • Feudal Britain, (1956).
    • Robert Bruce and the Community of the Realm of Scotland, (1965)
    • The Kingdom of the Scots, (1973)
    • The Anglo-Norman Era in Scottish History, (1980).
    • Kingship and Unity: Scotland, 1000–1306, (1981).
    • Scotland and its Neighbours in the Middle Ages, (1992)
  • Editor
    • The Scottish Tradition, (1974).
    • Acts of Malcolm IV, 1153–1165, (1960)
    • (with W.W. Scott) Acts of William I, 1165–1214 (1971)
    • The Charters of King David I, (1999)
  • Artikel
    • "Earls of Fife in the 12th Century" (Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 1952–53)
    • "Religion in Scotland on the eve of Christianity" in Forschungen zur Reichs-, Papst- und Landesgeschichte (1998)
    • Anglo-Norman Studies, Vol. 25 (2002) "?"

Barrow, Julia

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  • Anglo-Norman Studies
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    • Vol. 30 (2008) "Grades of Ordination and Clerical Careers, c. 900-c. 1200"


Bartlett, Robert (*1950) - britischer Historiker und Mittelalterforscher

  • Gerald of Wales, 1146-1223 (1982)
  • The Making of Europe: Conquest, Colonization and Cultural Change, 950-1350 (1993)
  • England Under the Norman and Angevin Kings 1075-1225 (2000)
  • The miracles of Saint Æbbe of Coldingham and Saint Margaret of Scotland, (2003)
  • Gerald of Wales: A Voice of the Middle Ages, (2006)
  • Geoffrey of Burton. Life and miracles of Modwenna

Bartlett, W. B.

  • (2016). King Cnut and the Viking Conquest of England 1016


Bassett, Steven

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  • ‘Divide and rule? The military infrastructure of eighth- and ninth-century Mercia’, Early Medieval Europe, 15 (2007)
  • Midland History
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    • ‘Offa, king of the East Saxons, and his west midland land grants’, (2015)
  • ‘The priests of Domesday Book – a fresh insight into England’s eleventh-century churches?’, Anglo-Saxon Studies in Archaeology and History, 19 (2015)
  • ‘The role of Mercian kings in the setting up of minsters in the seventh and eighth centuries’, in Land of the English Kin: Studies of Wessex and Anglo-Saxon England


Bately, J. M.

  • ed. (1986). The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle: A Collaborative Edition


Bates, David (*1945) - britischer Historiker für Britannien und Frankreich vom 10. bis 13. Jh.

  • Normandy before 1066 (1982)
  • A Bibliography of Domesday Book (1986)
  • William the Conqueror (1989)
  • Regesta Regum Anglo-Normannorum: The Acta of William I, 1066–1087 (1998)
  • The Normans and Empire (2013)
  • William the Conqueror (2016)
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  • East Anglia and its North Sea World in the Middle Ages (2013)
  • The Character and Career of Odo, Bishop of Bayeux
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Baxter, Stephen David (*1969)

  • Edward the Confessor and the Succession Question
  • The earls of Mercia : lordship and power in late Anglo-Saxon England
  • Early medieval studies in memory of Patrick Wormald
  • Too Much Too Young - Children Of The Middle Ages
  • The Leofwinesons : power, property and patronage in the early English kingdom
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Bernard, Dr. George W. - Britischer Historiker, spezialisiert auf Heinrich VIII, die "Herrschaft" von Anne Boleyn und die englische Reformation

  • The late medieval English church: vitality and vulnerability before the break with Rome (2012)
  • Anne Boleyn: fatal attractions (2010)
  • The king's reformation: Henry VIII and the remaking of the English Church (2005)
  • Religion, politics and society in sixteenth-century England (2004)
  • Authority and Consent in Tudor England: essays presented to C.S.L. Davies (2002)
  • Edward VI - (1999)
  • Reflecting on the King’s Reformation (2013)
  • Religion, Politics, and Society in Sixteenth-Century England (2003)
  • The tyranny of Henry VIII (2002)
  • Vitality and vulnerability in the Late Medieval Church: pilgrimage on the eve of the break with Rome (1998)


Bertram, Charles (1723-1765) - Literaturfälscher

  • De Situ Britanniae: The Description of Britain


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Bierbrier, M. L.

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Bird, Joanna


Birley, A. R.

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Blackburn, Mark Alistair Sinclair (1953-2011) - Britischer Numismatiker und Wirtschaftshistoriker

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Blackstone, William


Blair, John William (*1955) - englischer Historiker, Archäologe und Akademiker, spezialisiert auf das Angelsächsische England.

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Blundell, Michael C.


Blunt, Colin E.

  • The Coinage of Offa
  • (1985). "Northumbrian Coins in the Name of Alwaldus". British Numismatic Journal


Board, Beryl


Bollard, John K. - spezialisiert auf mittelenglische und walisische Artusliteratur

  • The Mabinoig (2006)
  • Companion Tales to the Mabinogi (2007)
  • Tales of Arthur: Legend and Landscape of Wales (2010)


Bolton, Timothy


Bosworth, George F. - (1882 bis 1962) amerikanischer Historiker und Autor

  • Alfred the Great: His Life and Times
  • Kent
  • Essex Past and Present
  • Middlesex
  • Surrey
  • Sussex
  • A History of Walthamstow Charities 1487 - 1920
  • Kent Past and Present (1901)


Bouchard, Constance B.

  • "Consanguinity and Noble Marriages in the Tenth and Eleventh Centuries", Speculum (Apr., 1981)


Bradbury, Jim (*1937) - Britischer Historiker, spezialisiert auf die Militärgeschichte des Mittelalters

  • (1992) The Medieval Siege
  • (1996) Stephen and Matilda: Civil War of 1139-53
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Bradley, S. A. J.

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Brandon, Dr. Peter Frank (1927-2011)

  • 1978 The South Saxons


Brandsma, Frank

  • (2010). The Interlace Structure of the Third Part of the Prose Lancelot


Bray, J.


Brayley, Edward Wedlake

  • (1808) The Beauties of England and Wales


Breeze, Andrew - Professor der Philologie (Sprachwissenschaft)

  • 1997 Medieval Welsh Literature
  • 2000 Celtic Voices, English Places: Studies of the Celtic Impact on Place-Names in England
  • 2008 The Mary of the Celts
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  • "The Battle of the Uinued and the River Went, Yorkshire" in Northern History

Breeze, David John


Brewer, Clifford

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Brine, Kevin R.


Brink, Stefan

  • (ed) (2008) The Viking World


Britnell, R. H.


Bromwich, Rachel (1915-2010) - britische Gelehrte, spezialisiert auf mittelalterliche walisische Literatur.

  • Trioedd Ynys Prydein - The Triads of the Island of Britain (1961)
  • Aspects of the Poetry of Dafydd ap Gwilym (1985)
  • Culhwch and Olwen (1988)


Brooke, Christopher Nugent Lawrence (1927-2015) - britischer Historiker

  • The Church and the Welsh Border in the Central Middle Ages
  • London, 800–1216: The Shaping of a City
  • The English Church & the Papacy, From the Conquest to the Reign of John
  • The Medieval Idea of Marriage
  • The Saxon and Norman Kings
  • From Alfred to Henry III 871–1272
  • The Heads of Religious Houses, England and Wales: Volume 1, 940–1216 - mit London, Vera C. M.
  • Archbishop Lanfranc, the English Bishops and the Council of London of 1075
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Brooke, Rosalind

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Brookes, Stuart


Brooks, Nicholas Peter (1941-2014) - britischer Historiker, spezialisiert auf das Angelsächsische England

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    • "Oswald (St Oswald) (d. 992)"
  • (1992) “The Career of St Dunstan” in: St Dunstan; His Life, Times and Cult
  • "The formation of the Mercian Kingdom" in The Origins of Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms


Broun, Dauvit (*1961) - schottischer Historiker und Akademiker, Professor für Schottische Gesichte an der Universität von Glasgow. Spezialisiert auf das frühmittelalterliche Schottland und keltische Studien.

  • Scottish independence and the idea of Britain : from the Picts to Alexander III (2007)
  • Spes Scotorum = Hope of Scots : Saint Columba, Iona and Scotland (1999)
  • The Irish identity of the kingdom of the Scots in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries (1999)
  • Image and identity : the making and re-making of Scotland through the ages (1998)
  • The charters of Gaelic Scotland and Ireland in the early and central Middle Ages (1995)
  • The reality behind charter diplomatic in Anglo-Norman Britain: studies (2011)
  • Artikel
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    • "National identity: 1: early medieval and the formation of Alba" in Lynch, Michael (ed.) The Oxford Companion to Scottish History
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    • (2004) Oxford Dictionary of National Biography
      • "Duncan I (d. 1040)"
      • "Macbeth (d. 1057)"
    • (2004). "The Welsh Identity of the Kingdom of Strathclyde c.900–c.1200". The Innes Review


Brown, H.

Brown, Michelle P. - Professorin für mittelalterliche Manuskriptstudien an der Universität von London

  • A Guide to Western Historical Scripts from Antiquity to 1600. 1990
  • Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts. 1991
  • The Lindisfarne Gospels: Society, Spirituality and the Scribe. 2003
  • Painted Labyrinth: The World of the Lindisfarne Gospels. 2003
  • How Christianity Came to Britain and Ireland. 2006
  • Manuscripts from the Anglo-Saxon Age. 2008
  • The Lindisfarne Gospels and the Early Medieval World (2010)
  • mit Farr, Carol A., eds, Mercia: An Anglo-Saxon Kingdom in Europe. 2001

Brown, Peter Robert Lamont (*1935) - irischer Althistoriker, spezialisiert auf das Römische Imperium und das frühmittelalterliche Europa

  • Welten im Aufbruch. Die Zeit der Spätantike. Von Mark Aurel bis Mohammed (1980)
  • Die Heiligenverehrung. Ihre Entstehung und Funktion in der lateinischen Christenheit (1991)
  • Die Keuschheit der Engel. Sexuelle Entsagung, Askese und Körperlichkeit am Anfang des Christentums (1991)
  • Macht und Rhetorik in der Spätantike. Der Weg zu einem christlichen Imperium (1995)
  • Die Entstehung des christlichen Europa (1996)
  • Der Schatz im Himmel. Der Aufstieg des Christentums und der Untergang des römischen Weltreichs. (2017)
  • The Ransom of the Soul (2015). Deutsch: Der Preis des ewigen Lebens. Das Christentum auf dem Weg ins Mittelalter. (2018)

Brown, Reginald Allen (*1924)

  • 1968 The Normans and the Norman conquest
  • 1984 The Normans
  • 1973 Origins of English feudalism
  • 1984 The Norman conquest of England: sources and documents
  • Anglo-Norman Studies
    • Vol. 1 bis 11 Editor
    • Vol. 3 (1980) "The Battle of Hastings"
    • Vol. 10 (1987) "?"


Bruce, Christopher W.

  • (2013). The Arthurian Name Dictionary

Bruce, James Douglas

  • (1974). The Evolution of Arthurian Romance from the Beginnings Down to the Year 1300

Bruce-Mitford, Rupert Leo Scott (1914-1994) - britischer Archäologe und Gelehrter, spezialisiert auf frühmittelalterliche Geschichte, besonders bekannt wegen seiner Veröffentlichungen über Sutton Hoo.


Bryce, Derek - Historiker, Professor für Kulturtheorie und Heritage Marketing an der Universität von Strathclyde


Buckberry, Jo

  • mit Hadley, Dawn M. (2007). "An Anglo-Saxon Execution Cemetery at Walkington Wold, Yorkshire". Oxford Journal of Archeology


Burke, John

  • (1836). A Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Commoners of Great Britain and Ireland


Burkitt, Annette

  • Flesh and Bones of Frome Selwood and Wessex


Burnham, B. C.


Busby, Keith


Bush, Robin James Edwin - britischer Historiker (1943 bis 2010). Er gehörte zu den Historikern in der Serie Time Team.


Butler, Alban

Mittelalter und Antike[]

Beda Venerabilis - Chronist aus dem 7. Jh.

Bremen, Adam von - (vor 1050-1081/85); Kleriker und Chronist aus Bremen

Brompton, John

  • Chronicon

Byrthferth - auch Byrthferth of Ramsey. englischer Priester und Mönch aus Ramsey Abbey in Huntingdonshire (970-1020). Autor vieler Heiligenbiographien und historischer Schriften.


Bengtsson, Frans G.

Bryant, Ray

  • Warriors of the Dragon God

Bulwer-Lytton, Edward

  • Harold, the Last of the Saxon Kings