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Die Anglo-Norman Studies sind eine Reihe von Essays zu verschiedenen Themen, die seit 1978 in der jährlichen Battle Conference vorgetragen und später veröffentlicht werden. Gegründet wurde diese Konferenz von R. Allen Brown. Das Thema der Essays beschäftigt sich hauptsächlich mit dem 11. und 12. Jahrhundert in der anglo-normannischen Geschichte, aber auch mit altenglischen und skandinavischen Elementen sowie den anglonormannischen Errungenschaften in Italien, Sizilien, Spanien und bei den Kreuzzügen.


  1. Volume: Proceedings of the Battle Conference 1978; (1979) ed. Brown, R. Allen; Chibnall, Marjorie
    1. Brooks, Nicholas; Walker, D. - The authority and interpretation of the Bayeux Tapestry
    2. Chibnall, Marjorie - Feudal Society in Orderic Vitalis
    3. Foreville, R. - Sacre des rois Anglo-Normands et Angevins et le serment du sacre (XIe-XIIe siècles)
    4. Godfrey, J. - Defeated Anglo-Saxons Take Service with the Eastern Emperor
    5. Hooper, Nicholas - Anglo-Saxon Warfare on the Eve of the Conquest: a brief survey
    6. Cook, D. - Norman Military Revolution in England
    7. Hill, R. - Crusading Warfare: a camp-follower's view 1092-1130
    8. Patourel, J. H. Le. - The Norman Conquest: 1066, 1106, 1154?
    9. Loyn, H. R. - Domesday Book
    10. Walker, D. - Norman Settlement in Wales
    11. Williams, Ann - Some notes and considerations on problems connected with the English Royal Succession 860-1066
    12. Zarnecki, G. - Romanesque Sculpture in Normandy and England in the eleventh Century
  2. Volume: Proceedings of the Battle Conference 1979; (1980) ed. Brown, R. Allen
    1. Davis, R. H. C.; Engels, L. J. - The Carmen de Hastingae Proelio: a discussion
    2. Clark, C. - Battle c.1100: an anthroponymist looks at an Anglo-Norman new Town
    3. Curnow, P. E. - Some developments in Military architecture c. 1200: Le Coudray-Salbart
    4. Harper-Bill, Christopher - Piety of Anglo-Norman Knightly Class
    5. Hermans, J. - The Byzantine View of the Normans
    6. Hollister, C. W. - Henry I and Anglo-Norman Magnates
    7. Legge, M. D. - Anglo-Norman as a Spoken Language
    8. Mason, Emma - Magnates, Curiales and the Wheel of Fortune
    9. Owen, D. M. - Bishop's Lynn: the first century of a new town?
    10. Searle, E. M. - The abbe of the conquerors: defensive enfeoffment and economic developent in anglo-norman England
  3. Volume: Proceedings of the Battle Conference 1980; (1981) ed. Brown, R. Allen
    1. Brown, R. Allen - The Battle of Hastings
    2. Bur, Michel - Les comtes de Champagne et la "Normanitas": semiologie d'un ombeau
    3. Gem, R.D.H. - The Romanesque rebuilding of Westminster Abbey (with a reconstruction by W. T. Ball)
    4. Gem, R.D.H. - Chichester Cathedral: when was the Romanesque church begun
    5. Golding, Brian - The coming of the Cluniacs
    6. Hare, J.N. - The buildings of Battle Abbey
    7. Hockey, S.F. - William fitz Osbern and the endowment of his abbey of Lyre
    8. Mortimer, Richard - The Beginnings of the Honour of Clare
    9. van Houts, Elizabeth - The Gesta Normannorum Ducum: a history withaut an end
    10. Rowlands, I.W. - The making of the March: aspects of the Norman settlement in Dyfed
    11. Searle, Eleanor - Women and the legitimization of succession at the Norman Conquest
    12. Williams, Ann - Land and power in the eleventh Century: the estates of Harold Godwineson
    13. Wilson, David M. - Danish kings and England in the late tenth and early eleventh Centuries - economic implications
  4. Volume: Proceedings of the Battle Conference 1981; (1982) ed. Brown, R. Allen
    1. Bates, David - Origins of the Justiciarship
    2. Beresford, G. - Goltho Manor, Lincolnshire: the buildings and their surrounding defences c. 850-1150
    3. Bouet, P. - La Felicitas de Guillaume le Conquerant dans les Gesta Guillelmi de Guillaume de Poitiers
    4. Gillingham, John - The introduction of Knight Service in England
    5. Gransden, Antonia - Baldwin, Abbot of Bury St Edmunds, 1065-1097
    6. Hyams, P. - Common Law and the French Connection
    7. King, E. - John Horace Round and the Calendar of Documents Preserved in France
    8. Loud, G. - Gens Normannorum - myth or reality?
    9. Nelson, Janet L. - Rites of the Conqueror
    10. Renoux, A. - Fouilles sur le site du château ducal de Fécamp (Xe-XIIe siècle)
    11. Rumble, A. - The purposes of the Codex Wintoniensis
  5. Volume: Proceedings of the Battle Conference 1982; (1983) ed. Brown, R. Allen
    1. Baylé, M. - Norman Romanesque Sculpture: Regional Groups
    2. Bennett, Matthew - Roman de Rouand the Norman Conquest
    3. Bernstein, D. - Bayeux Tapestry
    4. Chibnall, Marjorie - Military Service before 1066
    5. Ciggaar, K. - England and Byzantium
    6. Darlington, R. R. - Abbatiale de Bernay
    7. Decaens, J. - Sompting Church
    8. Gem, R. - William's Sheriffs
    9. Green, Judith A. - The House of Redvers and its Foundations
    10. Hockey, S. F. - Anglo-Norman Verse
    11. Johnston, R. C. - The Umfravilles in Northumberland
    12. Keen, L. - Chronicon ex Chronicis
    13. McGurk, P. - Development of Stamford
    14. Mahany, C. - Relations between Crown and Episcopacy
    15. Roffe, David; Walker, D. - ?
  6. Volume: Proceedings of the Battle Conference 1983; (1984) ed. Brown, R. Allen
    1. Bradbury, Jim - Battles in England and Normandy 1066-1154
    2. Coulson, C. - Philip II's Fortress Policy in Normandy
    3. Foreville, R. - Order of Sempringham
    4. Fröhlich, W. - Anselm's Letters
    5. Hollister, C. W. - Henry I, War and Diplomacy
    6. Holt, J. C. - Introduction of Knight Service in England
    7. van Houts, Elizabeth - Scandinavian influence in 11th-Century Norman Literature
    8. Huisman, G. - Gesta Normannorum
    9. Klukas, A. W. - Architectural implications of Decreta Lanfranci
    10. Maccarini, P. A. - William and the Church of Rome
    11. Owen, D. - Lincoln Cathedral
    12. Park, D. - `Lewes Group' of Wall Paintings
    13. Gem, R. - Knights Templar at Shipley Church
  7. Volume: Proceedings of the Battle Conference 1984; (1985) ed. Brown, R. Allen
    1. Abels, Richard - Bookland and Fyrd Service
    2. Abulafia, D. - Normans in Africa, Majorca and the Muslim Mediterranean
    3. Clark, C. - BL Additional MS. 40,000 ff 1v-12r
    4. Frankling, M. J. - Ministers in the Midlands
    5. Gazeau, V. - Aristocration autour du Bec, 1077
    6. Gillmor, C. - Naval Logistics of the Cross-Channel Operation, 1066
    7. Grabois, A. - England and the Holy Land
    8. Harper-Bill, Christopher - William Turbe, Bishop of Norwich
    9. Hooper, Nicholas - Housecarls in England in 11c
    10. Kiff, J. - Illustrations of Warfare in 11c England
    11. Lewis, C. - Herefordshire under William I
    12. Le Maho, J. - Motte de Mirville
    13. Martindale, J. - Aimeri of Thouars
  8. Volume: Proceedings of the Battle Conference 1985; (1986) ed. Brown, R. Allen
    1. Bachrach, B. S. - Military Administration of the Norman Conquest
    2. Baylée, M. - Romanesque Sculpture at St Georges de Boscherville and Hyde Abbey
    3. Biddle, M. - Seasonal Festivals and Residence in Winchester, Westminster and Gloucester
    4. Counihan, J. - Mrs Ella Armitage and Castle Studies
    5. Eales, R. - Local Loyalties in Stephen's Reign
    6. Garnett, G. - Franci et Angli: Legal Distinctions
    7. Holdsworth, C. - St Bernard and England
    8. Mason, Emma - Change and Continuity in 11c Mercia: St Wulfstan
    9. Mortimer, R. - Land and Service
    10. Searle, E. - Frankish Rivalries and Norse Warriors
    11. Williams, Ann - Knights of Shaftesbury Abbey
  9. Volume: Proceedings of the Battle Conference 1986; (1987) ed. Brown, R. Allen
    1. Beech, G. - Aquitainian Participation in the Conquest
    2. Bennett, Matthew - Stereotype Normans in Vernacular Literature
    3. Ciggaar, K. - Byzantine Marginalia to the Norman Conquest
    4. Fernie, E. - Norman Architectural Patronage
    5. Fleming, Robin - Domesday Book and the Teneurial Revolution
    6. Greenway, Diana - Henry of Huntingdon and Historia Anglorum
    7. Hyams, P. - Domesday Inquest and Land Adjudication
    8. Loud, G. A. - Abbey of Cava
    9. Ridyard, S. J. - Post-Conquest Attitudes to the Saints of the Anglo-Saxons
    10. Roesdahl, E. - Danish Geometrical Viking Fortresses
    11. Webb, D. - Holy Face of Lucca
  10. Volume: Proceedings of the Battle Conference 1987; (1988) ed. Brown, R. Allen
    1. Brown, R. Allen
    2. Bayle, Maylis
    3. Boüard, Michel de
    4. Chibnall, Marjorie
    5. Cowdrey, H. E. J.
    6. Davis, R. H. C.
    7. Decaens, Joseph
    8. Fröhlich, Walter
    9. Grant, Lindy
    10. Hollister, C. Warren
    11. Keynes, Simon
    12. Loyn, H. R. - William's bishops: some further thoughts
    13. Peirce, Ian
    14. van Houts, Elizabeth
    15. Vaughn, Sally N.
  11. Volume: Proceedings of the Battle Conference 1988; (1989) ed. Brown, R. Allen
    1. St Pancras priory, Lewes: its architectural development to 1200
    2. Bennett, Matthew - Wace and warfare
    3. Galwey, Caroline J. - John Ireland and the Anglo-Norman historian
    4. Counihan, J. M. B. - The growth of castle studies in England and on the continent since 1850
    5. Gillmor, Carroll - The logistics of fortified bridge building on the Seine under Charles the Bald
    6. Dearden, Brian - Charles the Bald's fortified bridge at Pitres (Seine): recent archaeological investigations
    7. Haraper-Bill, Christopher - The struggle for benefices in twelfth-century east anglia
    8. Keen, Laurence - Coastal salt production in Norman England
    9. Maund, Kari L. - The Welsh alliances of Earl Aelfgar of Mercia and his family in the mid-eleventh century
    10. Moore, John S. - Domesday slavery
    11. Neumann, J. - Hydrographic and ship-hydrodynamic aspects of the Norman Invasion, AD 1066
    12. Ruud, Marylou - Monks in the world: the case of Gundulf of Rochester
    13. Ward, Jennifer C. - Royal service and reward: the Clare family and the crown, 1066-1154
    14. Williams, E. A. - A vice-comital family in pre-conquest Warwickshire
  12. Volume: Proceedings of the Battle Conference 1989; (1990) ed. Chibnall, Marjorie
  13. Volume: Proceedings of the Battle Conference 1990; (1991) ed. Chibnall, Marjorie
  14. Volume: Proceedings of the Battle Conference 1991; (1992) ed. Chibnall, Marjorie
  15. Volume: Proceedings of the Battle Conference 1992; (1993) ed. Chibnall, Marjorie
    1. Fröhlich, Walter: "The Marriage of Henry VI and Constance of Sicily: Prelude and Consequences."
  16. Volume: Proceedings of the Battle Conference 1993; (1994) ed. Chibnall, Marjorie
    1. Aird, William M. - St Cuthbert, the Scots and the Normans
    2. Babcok, Robert S. - Rhys ap Tewdwr, King of Deheubarth
    3. Brand, Paul - `Time out of mind': the knowledge and use of the eleventh- and twelfth-century past in thirteenth-century litigation
    4. Brown, Shirley Ann - Giuseppe Del Re's `critical' edition of Falco of Benevento's Chronicle
    5. Herren, Michael - The Adelae Comitissae of Baudri of Bourgeuil and the Bayeux Tapestry
    6. Dumville, D. N. - Anglo-Saxon books: treasure in Norman hands?
    7. Kemp, B. R. - Towards admission and institution: English episcopal formulae for the appointment of parochial incumbents in the twelfth century
    8. Dunbabin, Jean - Geoffrey of Chaumont, Thibaud of Blois and William the Conqueror
    9. ? - Paris, un Rouen capétien? (Développements comparés de Rouen et Paris sous les règnes de Henri II et Philippe-Auguste)
    10. Hiley, David - Changes in English chant repertories in the eleventh century as reflected in the Winchester sequences
    11. Giandrea, Mary Frances - Archbishop Stigand and the Eye of the Needle
    12. Renn, Derek - Burhgeat and gonfanon: two sidelights from the Bayeux Tapestry
    13. Giandrea, Mary Frances - Free alms tenure in the twelfth century
    14. Vaughn, Sally N. - Anselm in Italy, 1097-1100
    15. Williams, John Bryan - Judhael of Totnes: the Life and Times of a Post-Conquest Baron
    16. D'Angelo, Edoardo - Giuseppe Del Re's `critical' edition of Falco of Benevento's Chronicle
  17. Volume: Proceedings of the Battle Conference 1994; (1995) ed. Harper-Bill, Christopher
    1. Decaens, Joseph - R. Allen Brown Memorial Lecture: Les châteaux de la vallée de l'Huisne dans le Perche Joseph Decaens
    2. Abrams, Lesley - Eleventh-century missions and the early stages of ecclesiastical organisation in Scandinavia
    3. Barton, Richard E. - Lordship in Maine: transformation, service and anger
    4. Coulson, Charles - The French matrix of the castle-provisions of the Chester- Leicester conventio
    5. DeAragon, RaGena - Dowager countesses, 1069-1230
    6. Fleming, Robin - Oral testimony and the domesday inquest
    7. Lewis, C. P. - The French in england before the norman conquest
    8. Neveux, François - La Ville de Sées du haut moyen âge à l'époque ducale
    9. Pope, Janet - Monks and nobles in the anglo-saxon monastic reform
    10. Power, Daniel - What did the frontier of Angevin normandy comprise?
    11. Wareham, Andrew - Ramseyer, Valerie - Ecclesiastical reorganisation in the principality of Salerno in the late lombard and early norman period
    12. Wareham, Andrew - The motives and politics of the Bigod family, c.1066-1177
    13. Wormald, Patrick - Laga Eadwardi: the Textus Roffensis and its context
  18. Volume: Proceedings of the Battle Conference 1995; (1996) ed. Harper-Bill, Christopher
    1. Luscombe, David - R.Allen Brown Memorial Lecture: Bec, Christ Church and the correspondence of St Anselm
    2. Bearman, R. - Baldwin de Redvers: some aspects of a Baronial career in the reign of King Stephen
    3. ? - The Normans as patrons of English religious houses, 1066-1135
    4. Damian-Grint, Peter - Truth, trust and evidence in the Anglo-Norman Estoire
    5. Drell, Joanna - Family structure in the Principality of Salerno during the Norman period, 1077-1154
    6. Greenway, Diana - Authority, convention and observation in Henry of Huntingdon's Historia Anglorum
    7. King, Vanessa - Ealdred, Archbishop of York: the Worcester years
    8. Potts, Cassandra - Atque unum ex diversis gentibus populum effecit: historical tradition and the Norman identity
    9. Short, Ian - Tam Angli quam Franci: Self-definition in Anglo-Norman England
    10. Thompson, Kathleen - The lords of Laigle: ambition and insecurity on the borders of Normandy
    11. Tsurushima, Hiro - Domesday interpreters
  19. Volume: Proceedings of the Battle Conference 1996; (1997) ed. Harper-Bill, Christopher
    1. Holdsworth, C. J. - Peacemaking in the twelfth century
    2. Abels, Richard - Sheriffs, lord-Seeking and the Norman settlement of the south- east midlands
    3. Grant, Lindy - Suger and the Anglo-Norman world
    4. Hadley, Dawn M. - `And they proceeded to plough and to support themselves': the Scandinavian settlement of England
    5. Halpin, Patricia - Anglo-Saxon women and pilgrimage
    6. Hart, C. R. - William Malet and his family
    7. ? - The memory of 1066 in written and oral traditions
    8. Hudson, John - The abbey of Abingdon, its chronicle and the Norman conquest
    9. Keynes, Simon - Giso, bishop of Wells
    10. Lloyd-Morgan, Ceridwen - A lombard abbey in a Norman world: St Sophia, Benevento, 1050- 1200
    11. Moore, John S. - `Quot homines?': the population of domesday England
    12. Reilly, Lisa - The emergence of Anglo-Norman architecture: Durham cathedral
    13. Strickland, Matthew J. - Military technology and conquest: the anomaly of Anglo-Saxon England
    14. Williams, A. M. L. - The spoliation of Worcester
  20. Volume: Proceedings of the Battle Conference 1997; (1998) ed. Harper-Bill, Christopher
    1. Abrams, Lesley - `The Conversion of the Scandinavians of Dublin'
    2. Chibnall, Marjorie - `Clio's Legal Cosmetics': Law and Custom in the Work of Medieval Historians'
    3. Church, Stephen D. - `The 1210 Campaign in Ireland: Evidence for a Military Revolution?'
    4. Counihan, J. M. B. - `Mrs Ella Armitage and Irish Archaeology'
    5. Duffy, Seán - `Ireland's Hastings: the Anglo-Norman Conquest of Dublin'
    6. ? - `The `Justiciarship' in Brittany and Ireland under Henry II'.
    7. ? - `Strategies of Lordship in Pre-Norman and Post-Norman Leinster'.
    8. Gerish, Deborah - `Ancestors and Predecessors: Royal Continuity and Identity in the First Kingdom of Jerusalem'
    9. Gillingham, John - `The Travels of Roger of Howden and his Views of the Irish, Scots and Welsh'
    10. O'Neill, P. - `The Impact of the Norman Invasion on Irish Literature'
    11. Philpott, Mark - `Some Interactions Between the English and Irish Churches'
    12. Spear, David S. - Power, Patronage and Personality in the Norman Cathedral Chapters, 911-1204'
    13. Wada, Yoko - `Gerald on Gerald: Self-Presentation by Giraldus Cambrensis'
  21. Volume: Proceedings of the Battle Conference 1998; (1999) ed. Harper-Bill, Christopher
    1. ? - Saxons, Normans and their Buildings
    2. Damian-Grint, Peter - En nul leu truis escrit: Research and Invention in Benoit de Ste Maure's Chronique des ducs de Normandie
    3. Davies, J. R. - The Book of Llandaf: a Twelfth Century Perspective
    4. de Fougerolles, Paula - Pope Gregory VII, the Archbishopric of Dol and the Normans
    5. Hayward, Paul A. - Translation-Narratives in Post-Conquest Hagiography and English Resistance to the Norman Conquest
    6. Keats-Rohan, K. S. B. - Bibliotheque municipale d'Avranches, 210; Cartulary of Mont Saint Michel
    7. Mason, Emma - William Rufus and the Benedictine Order
    8. Nip, Renee - The Political Relations between England and Flanders (1066-1128)
    9. van Houts, Elizabeth - The Anglo-Flemish Treaty of 1101
    10. ? - ?
    11. Potter, Julie - The Benefactors of Bec and the Politics of Priories
    12. Staunton, Michael - Thomas Becket's Conversion
    13. Thomas, Hugh M. - The Gesta Herwardi, the English and their Conquerors
    14. Vincent, Nicholas C. - Warin and Henry fitz Gerald; the origins of the Fitzgeralds revisited
    15. Warren, Michelle R. - Roger of Howden Strikes Back: Investing Arthur of Brittany with the Anglo-Norman Future
  22. Volume: Proceedings of the Battle Conference 1999; (2000) ed. Harper-Bill, Christopher
    1. Bayle, Maylis - R. Allen Brown Memorial Lecture: Norman Architecture around the Year 1000: its Place in the Art of North-Western Europe
    2. Heating, Argonaut - Before the Gesta Normannorum and beyond Dudo: Some Evidence on Early Norman Historiography
    3. Mooers Christelow, Stephanie - Chancellors and Curial Bishops: Ecclesiastical Promotions and Power in Anglo-Norman England
    4. Gardiner, Mark - Shipping and Trade between England and the Continent during the Eleventh Century
    5. Green, Judith A. - Robert Curthose Reassessed
    6. Hart, C. R. - The Bayeux Tapestry and Schools of Illumination at Canterbury
    7. Liddiard - Robert E. - Castle Rising, Norfolk: a 'Landscape of Lordship'?
    8. Meddings, John - Friendship among the Aristocracy in Anglo-Norman England
    9. ? - Anglo-Norman Garrisons
    10. Newman, P. R. - The Yorkshire Domesday Clamores and the 'Lost Fee' of William Malet
    11. Palmer, J. J. N. - The Wealth of the Secular Aristocracy in 1086
    12. Wareham, Andrew - The 'Feudal Revolution' in Eleventh-Century East Anglia
    13. White, Graeme J. - The Myth of the Anarchy
  23. Volume: Proceedings of the Battle Conference 2000; (2001) ed. Gillingham, John
    1. Fleming, Robin - The New Wealth, the New Rich and the New Political Style in Late Anglo-Saxon England (The Allen Brown Memorial Lecture)
    2. Baxter, Stephen - The Earls of Mercia and their Commended Men
    3. Cooper, Alan - 'The feet of those that bark shall be cut off': Timorous Historians and the Personality of Henry I
    4. Coulson, Charles - Peaceable Power in English Castles
    5. Kerr, Julie - Monastic Hospitality: the Benedictines in England, c.1075-1245
    6. Martindale, Jane P. - 'An unfinished business': Angevin Politics and the Siege of Toulouse (1159)
    7. Mew, Karin - The Dynamics of Lordship and Landscape as revealed in a Domesday study of the Nova Foresta
    8. O'Keeffe, Tadhg - Ballyloughan, Ballymoon and Clonmore: three castles of c.1300 in County Carlow
    9. Pestell, Tim - Monastic Foundation Strategies in the early Norman diocese of Norwich
    10. Rawcliffe, Carole - Learning to Love the Leper: Aspects of Institutional Charity in Anglo-Norman England
    11. Senecal, Christine - Keeping up with the Godwinesons: In Pursuit of Aristocratic Status in late Anglo-Saxon England
    12. Short, Ian - The Language of the Bayeux Tapestry Inscription
    13. Uge, Karine - The legend of Saint Rictrude: formation and transformations (10th-12th century)
    14. Weiler, Björn - Kingship, Usurpation and Propaganda in Twelfth-Century Europe - the Case of Stephen
    15. Wyatt, David - The Significance of Slavery: Alternative Approaches to Anglo- Saxon Slavery
  24. Volume: Proceedings of the Battle Conference 2001; (2002) ed. Gillingham, John
    1. Williams, Ann - Thegnly piety and ecclesiastical patronage in the late Old English kingdom
    2. Aurell, Martin - Révolte nobiliaire et lutte dynastique dans l'Empire angevin (1154-1224)
    3. Baudry, Marie-Pierre - La politique de fortification des Plantagenêts en Poitou, 1154-124
    4. ? - Désigner les parents: le champs de la parenté dans l'oeuvre des pr chroniquers normands
    5. ? - Nisi feceris under Henry II.
    6. Fryde, Natalie - Abelard and the Church's Policy towards the Jews
    7. Brand, Paul - Where did all the charters go? Anglo-Saxon charters and the new politics the eleventh century
    8. Marritt, Stephen - King Stephen and the Bishops
    9. Moss, Vincent - The Defence of Normandy 1193-8
    10. Pitte, Dominique - Château-Gaillard, dans la défense de la Normandie orientale (1196-1204)
    11. Plant, Richard - English Romanesque and the Empire
    12. Taylor, Pamela - Ingelric, Count Eustace and the foundation of St Martin-le-Grand
    13. Tatton-Brown, Tim - The Beginnings of Lambeth Palace
    14. Thurlby, Malcolm - Minor Cruciform Churches in Norman England and Wales
  25. Volume: Proceedings of the Battle Conference 2002; (2003) ed. Gillingham, John
    1. Gillingham, John
    2. Angold, Michael
    3. Barrow, G. W. S.
    4. Bates, David
    5. Broun, Dauvit
    6. Crick, Julia
    7. Fawcett, Richard
    8. Gelting, Michael H.
    9. Hudson, John
    10. Kennedy, M. J.
    11. Mortimer, Richard
    12. O'Brien, Bruce
    13. Power, Daniel
    14. Webb, Nigel M.
  26. Volume: Proceedings of the Battle Conference 2003; (2004) ed. Gillingham, John
    1. Barber, Richard W. - R. Allen Brown Memorial Lecture: The Norman Conquest and the Media
    2. Bachrach, Bernard S. - Dudo of St Quentin and Norman Military Strategy ca. 1000
    3. Barrow, Julia - Clergy in the diocese of Hereford in the eleventh and twelfth centuries
    4. Downham, Clare - England and the Irish-Sea Zone in the Eleventh Century
    5. Gazeau, Véronique - Les abbés bénédictins de la Normandie ducale
    6. Grassi, John - The Vita AEdwardi Regis The Hagiographer as Insider
    7. van Houts, Elizabeth - The Warenne View of the Past, 1066-1203
    8. Paxton, Jennifer - Textual Communities in the English Fenlands: A Lay Audience for Monastic Chronicles?
    9. Sharpe, Richard - 1088-William II and the Rebels
    10. Strevett, Neil - The Anglo-Norman Civil War of 1101 Reconsidered
    11. Wright, Neil - Epic and Romance in the Chronicles of Anjou
  27. Volume: Proceedings of the Battle Conference 2004; (2005) ed. Gillingham, John
    1. Albu, Emily - Probing the Passions of a Norman on Crusade: the Gesta Francorum et aliorum Hierosolimitanorum
    2. Barrau, Julie - Gilbert Foliot et l'Ecriture, un exégète en politique
    3. Barton, Richard E. - Writing Warfare, Lordship and History: the Gesta Consulum Andegavorum's Account of the Battle of Alençon
    4. Benham, Jenny - Anglo-French Peace Conferences in the Twelfth Century
    5. Cotts, John - Peter of Blois and the Problem of the `Court' in the Late Twelfth Century
    6. Johnson, Ewan - Normandy and Norman Identity in Southern Italian Chronicles
    7. Loud, Graham A. - Monastic Chronicles in the Twelth-Century Abruzzi
    8. Marten, Lucy - The Impact of the Rebellion on Little Domesday
    9. Münster-Swendsen, Mia - Setting Things Straight: Law, Justice and Ethics in the Orationes of Lawrence of Durham
    10. Peltzer, Jörg - The Angevin Kings and Canon Law: Episcopal Elections and the Loss of Normandy
    11. Sykes, Naomi - Zooarchaeology of the Norman Conquest
    12. Vollrath, Hanna - Was Thomas Becket Chaste? Understanding Episodes in the Becket Lives
  28. Volume: Proceedings of the Battle Conference 2005; (2006) ed. Lewis, Christopher P.
    1. Moore, B. J. S. - Inside the Anglo-Norman Family: Love, Marriage, and the Family [R. Allen Brown Memorial lecture]
    2. Blair, W. J.; Baxter, Stephen - Land Tenure and Royal Patronage in the Early English Kingdom
    3. Cooper, Tracy-Anne - The Pragmatic Handbook of an Eleventh-Century Archbishop: Cotton Tiberius A. iii
    4. Doherty, Hugh - Robert de Vaux and Roger de Stuteville, Sheriffs of Cumberland and Northumberland, 1170-1185
    5. Stocker, David; Everson, Paul - The Common Steeple? Church, Liturgy, and Settlement in Early Medieval Lincolnshire
    6. Fenton, Kirsten - The Question of Masculinity in William of Almsbury's Presentation of Wulfstan of Worcseter
    7. King, Vanessa - Share and Share Alike? Bishops and Cathedral Chapters: The Domesday Evidence
    8. Robertson, Nicola Jane - Dunstan and Monastic Reform: Tenth-Century Fact or Twelfth-Century Fiction?
    9. ? - Domesday Now
  29. Volume: Proceedings of the Battle Conference 2007; (2007) ed. Lewis, Christopher P.
    1. Gillingham, John - "Holding to the Rules of War (Bellica Iura Tenentes)": Right Conduct before, during, and after Battle in North-Western Europe in the Eleventh
    2. Church, Stephen D. - Aspects of the English Succession, 1066-1199: The Death of the King
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